Taryn Ambrosi

Full Stack Developer from Independence, Missouri

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My Journey into Technology

Taryn Ambrosi

Prior to entering the field of technology, I dedicated five years to esthetics and the beauty industry. While I found the work enjoyable, I needed a deeper sense of fulfillment. The transition to becoming a developer, thanks to Centriq, has been transformative and inspiring.

My fascination with coding quickly evolved from a passing interest to a true passion. The skills I attained as an esthetician, including managing the needs of over 20 clients daily, honing effective communication, and becoming adept at problem-solving, have been invaluable.

Now, having graduated from Centriq, I'm ecstatic about expanding my expertise in various coding languages and crafting exciting projects (like the ones here!). The boundless potential of this field is incredible, and I can't wait to collaborate on a team with nerds like me. Thank you for visiting my site, and please feel free to reach out with any questions or simply to say hi!